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Online Tax Organizer

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Will Look In Your Website

The Online Interactive Tax Organizer represents a revolutionary change in how you collect, share and utilize your clients' tax data.

Unlike other “online” tax organizers, which clients must print out and mail to you, the FSO Interactive Tax Organizer is fully customizable and allows you to interact with your clients right on your Website* Clients and staff register and use their unique logins and passwords to access and fill in the online organizer from any location. The data are then hosted on FSO Technologies secure servers**

Here, in brief, is how the Interactive Tax Organizer: compares with the typical tax organizer.

Typical Tax Organizer

Interactive Online Tax Organizer

Static boiler-plate questionnaire. Questionnaire, which can be used as is or easily customized to meet firm needs. Plus…You can easily create as many additional questionnaires as you may need.
Questionnaire sent to clients or downloaded from the Internet.(Usually in MS Word or PDF format) Questionnaire accessible through the accountant’s Website. (We provide a free Website for this purpose if needed.)
Client (or staff member) usually enters data by hand. Client enters the data online (from within the accountant’s Website) or, if preferred, by hand. Or staff member can enter response data from any Internet-connected computer.
Questionnaire responses are faxed, mailed, or emailed to the accountant with no data security. Questionnaire responses are hosted on our secure servers in the clients’ proprietary folder with complete encrypted data SECURITY. The client and/or the accountant can make all changes directly online.
Client data are accessible only from accountant’s computer, usually with only occasional local backup. Client data are safely and securely accessible 24/7 from virtually anywhere by any authorized staff member, and continually backed up on our servers.
Client data are manually re-input by the accountant into the firm’s tax prep program. Client data are downloaded to CSV file and imported electronically into the firm’s tax prep program, bypassing the time-consuming re-input of data.

The Interactive Tax Organizer conveys to your clients that you are at the forefront of tax technology. It is simple and easy to use and streamlines the acquisition and organization of tax data.

Moreover, the Organizer is part of a Customizable Forms program, which allows you to design, create and customize any form to capture just the information and data you need. You can create all types of forms, using multiple pages, long answer, short answer, multiple choice, radio buttons, and Yes/No alternatives.

Your clients access your Interactive Tax Organizer SECURELY** from within your Website*. They complete the form in coordination with your staff. Their data are then saved and are immediately accessible by you and your staff. There is no waiting for forms to be returned through the mail. The data can then be downloaded, using a CSV file, and imported electronically into your tax software -- saving the valuable time and effort (not to mention the expense) of re-inputing their responses by hand. (Obviously, not all clients will use an Interactive Tax Organizer, but substantial time and cost savings will be generated from those who do.)

While the Interactive Tax Organizer can be customized to be compatible with virtually any software product, we also provide a default organizer to save you set up time and get you started right away. This powerful tool delivers increased levels of convenience and technology that allow you to better interact with existing clients and attract potential new clients. You avoid the administrative and mailing costs associated with paper tax organizers, and instead enjoy a secure transfer (sharing) of data with your clients right from within your Website*.

Also, view our Document Manager, which allows you to access, share and transfer – SECURELY** – additional documents with your clients. To see our full Document Manager, click here.

Click here to see a model site that shows the Tax Organizer in action.

Price: $99


* If you do not have an existing Website, CompleteSite Interactive will provide you with a 5-page Customizable Website FREE with your Tax Organizer subscription.

** Security of your client’s data is our number 1 priority. All the data hosted on our servers are protected by Firewall, Virus Software and are continually backed up on several of our secure servers and protected using SSL security. SSL, which has been the de facto standard for Internet security since its introduction in 1994, allows for the transfer of information securely across the Internet. It allows your client's to communicate with our server via a secure, encrypted link, thus preserving the data's integrity and confidentiality. SSL encrypts data passed between the server and the browser, so that unauthorized parties cannot interpret sensitive, confidential or personal information. SSL encrypts data, like credit cards numbers (as well other personally identifiable information), which prevents hackers from stealing information.

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